Medical Tourism Guide

Save Thousands on Medical Surgery
Safe, low-cost, state of the art medical care in beautiful holiday destinations! Sound good?

Medical tourism (also known as Health Tourism) is the practice of traveling abroad to obtain healthcare services… generally at a small fraction of the cost in a persons home country. If you are new to medical tourism, the following articles should help you get started:

International Medical Travel

The following is a list of some of the most popular medical tourism destinations, all of which provide quality medical care at very attractive prices: is committed to bringing you the very best information regarding medical travel and health tourism. We have put together the following guides to help you with your research:

Medical Procedures

Whether necessary or elective, many options exist for the medical tourism patient - We have compiled a large reference of medical procedures, surgeries and medical tests including procedure information, possible risks and recovery times to help you with your research.

Dental Procedures

Who doesn't want that award winning 'Hollywood smile'? However, dental surgery in England and America doesn't come cheap. However, there are many countries that offer the same dental procedures at a fraction of the price.

Plastic Surgery

Many people seek out cosmetic surgery in foreign countries where the cost of healthcare is considerably lower. As a result, many international tourist destinations have impressive cosmetic surgery infrastructure.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine refers to treatments that generally do not fall within the realms of conventional medicine. Common alternative medical approaches include chiropractic, accupuncture, homeopathic, naturopathic and herbal medicine.

Health Spas

Massage has been used for centuries to relieve stress and treat a variety of health conditions. Medical massage is used increasingly for conditions such as breast cancer, sinus relief, and temporarily reducing blood pressure. Other types of medical massage are used to relieve chronic pain.

Healthy & Fitness

There are many factors that affect your health. While some you cannot control (such as genetics and age), there are many other factors that are under your control. Not only will leading a healthy lifestyle improve your health, wellbeing and happiness, but can also prevent some of the leading causes of death and illness as well as reducing recovery times.

Medical Tourism Information

Background information on Medical Tourism related to the industry, hospitals, history and statistics to help you better understand the industry, why health tourism is gaining so much popularity, who are the leading countries and hospitals and where the industry is headed...