Medical Tourism Africa

Africa may not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking about Medical Tourism, but there are several countries here that have quickly growing medical and dental tourism industries.

South Africa is the most popular all-around destination and has been a popular location for cosmetic surgery for many years. Having a more western oriented culture and professional all-encompasing medical tourism packages, South Africa provides for less culture shock.

The other African destinations are primarily popular with European's or Middle Easterner's because of it's close proximity. Egypt, in particular, attracts a large middle eastern crowd and has a thriving cosmetic surgery industry for medical tourists.

Egypt Medical Tourism

Known for it's thriving cosmetic surgery industry centered in Cairo, Egypt is a leader in medical tourism in the Middle East. Since Cairo serves as something of an Arabic Hollywood, it is little wonder there are so many medical facilities catering to cosmetic surgery.

Medical Tourism South Africa

South Africa has world-class surgeons and a favorable exchange rate making it a popular destination for both cosmetic surgery and dental tourism. It also offers a more polished package for medical tourists and less culture shock than many other destinations.

Tunisia Medical Tourism

being a short 2 1/2 hour flight from the UK, Tunisia is mainly popular with those from England and Europe and has a wealth of private clinics and hospitals springing up to service medical tourists.