Medical Tourism Asia

Thailand and India vie with each other for the medical tourism crown. Thailand’s prices are a bit higher on average than India’s, with the main advantages being a better overall tourist experience and more bundling of services. More and more hospitals are being accredited by JCAHO (the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health care Organizations), and the number of medical tourists is ever expanding.

India is the cheapest of any of the world medical tourism destinations, while being the equal of the other major destinations in terms of quality of staff and equipment. With many brand-new state-of-the-art hospitals and western trained doctors - it is easy to see why it is a leader in Medical Tourism.

However, these two major players have competitors. The Philippines and Singapore both have government-backed medical tourism programs and are trying to catch up.

Singapore, another medical hub, is planning to be developed into a leading health care destination in Asia and with an average steady growth of 20 percent over the past few years they are quickly becoming a leader in the field.

Medical Tourism India

A pioneer in the Medical Tourism industry and boasting the cheapest prices along with world-class facilities and doctors, India is a one stop shop offer medical, dental and cosmetic surgery offerings. It is also the origin of several forms of massage and alternative medicine treatments.

Medical Tourism Malaysia

Malaysia is a great value-for-money destination with fertility and cosmetic surgery procedures being popular.

Medical Tourism Philippines

The Philippines boast some of the very good hospitals offering the highest level of facilities and warm hospitality and has some of the world’s best spa resorts.

Medical Tourism Singapore

With state of the art, ultra-clean and modern medical facilities - Singapore is specializing in the more complex and integrated medical procedures such as complex heart operations and cancer treatment.

Medical Tourism Thailand

Arguably the best all-around medical tourism destination, Thailand is a leader in medical, dental and cosmetic surgery. Extreamly affordable pricing, equisite tropical beaches and world renowned holiday destinations along with world leading health spas makes Thailand the market leader.

Vietnam Medical Tourism

Vietnam is just starting to get into the medical tourism game, but boasting some fantastic health spas along with good pricing and fantastic tourist destinations - Vietnam is one to watch.