Medical Tourism in Brazil

Brazil’s health system is one of the world’s largest, comprising an estimated 16,000 facilities, including clinics, hospitals and local health centers that are staffed by more than 200,000 qualified physicians. The country provides some of the most advanced medical care that you’ll find globally, and treatment is among the cheapest.

In recent years, the devaluation of Brazil’s currency against the US dollar has made the country an excellent choice for low-cost, high-quality medical treatment for foreigners. As a result, Brazil’s international reputation in the medical tourism sphere is growing.

In particular, Brazil has become world-famous for its cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. The well-to-do have been visiting Brazil for procedures for years in order to maintain their youthful appearance and their anonymity while recuperating on Rio’s fabulous beaches. With the devaluation of the currency, these procedures are now within the means of many more people.

More hospitals in Brazil have received accreditation by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals than in any country other than the US, and rates are among the best in Latin America. In addition to the excellent medical facilities, the country boasts many attractions that appeal to medical tourists who are interested in experiencing the culture, recuperating on a beach or taking in the many natural wonders.