Dental Tourism - Dental Procedures & Surgery

Who doesn't want that award winning 'Hollywood smile'? However, dental surgery in England and America doesn't come cheap. However, there are many countries that offer the same dental procedures at a fraction of the price.

As a bonus, these patients can recuperate in exotic destinations and pamper themselves during their stay. Many receiving inpatient procedures opt to stay in lavish facilities - the total price of which is offered at significant savings compared to dental work in their home country.

Recovery time is usually short for dental work, even when the procedure is relatively invasive. Outpatients can therefore travel, receive dental work and then spend the remainder of their time enjoying a wonderful vacation—all at a significant savings.

Europeans have long been practicing dental tourism and for years been traveling to neighboring countries, especially Hungary for their dental needs. Almost everyplace offers the standard dental cleaning, gingivitis treatment, sealants and amalgam filling. Of course, relatively inexpensive procedures like simple cleanings or cavity fillings don’t usually warrant traveling outside your home country. Here are a few of the more involved and commonly done procedures:

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