Facial Implant Surgery Abroad

Facial implants are typically used by plastic surgeons to balance facial contours of the patient to improve their appearance and thus self esteem. Several different types of facial implants are available in many different materials, with the jaw-line, chin and cheekbones being the most common areas treated.

A sloping chin and jaw-line is the most common area treated with facial implants where a small incision is made under local or general anesthetic. Although facial implants are growing in popularity and it is no longer a big deal to have them, price and having realistic expectations are two major factors to bear in mind.

Procedure information

A general anesthesia is usually recommended although patients may get away with a local anesthetic depending on the facial implant which is to be installed. Surgical centers are the most common set-ups for facial implants, while hospital outpatient facilities and office-type institutions are also in evidence. Patients may be required to stay overnight depending on the implant and their medical status.

In the case of chin implants, the process will generally take about 45 minutes. A small incision is made inside the mouth, or just under the chin area, to create a pocket for the implant to sit in. The surgeon then places the right sized implant for the patient’s face and sutures and tapes up the area.

Recovery time

The sutures placed in the mouth after having chin surgery will automatically dissolve while ones placed in the skin will be removed after five to seven days following surgery. Some discomfort and swelling in the area that was treated will be experienced for several days to the extent that it may be difficult to smile and talk at first. In addition, bruising may be evident around the chin and neck.

The plastic surgeon will instruct you on eating, dental hygiene, and what not to do activity-wise after surgery. The main thing after having facial implants is to not jump to conclusions and become dejected straight after surgery as it may take several weeks for your face to settle down.