Healthy Living and Healthy Lifestyle

There are many factors that affect your health. While some you cannot control (such as genetics and age), there are many other factors that are under your control.

Not only will leading a healthy lifestyle improve your health, wellbeing and happiness, studies have also shown that some of the leading causes of death such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and other serious diseases can be prevented by improving personal health habits. A healthy lifestyle can also reduce recovery times, make a person look healthier and younger and provide more energy.

Eating right, staying physically active, reducing stress and avoiding or moderating harmful addictions such as smoking and drinking are the basis of a healthy life.

What You Can Do

Healthy living must take into consideration the needs of the individual since despite similarities in our physiology, every human being has unique physical requirements that are dependant on factors such as age, weight, physical and mental activity and any physiological peculiarities that our bodies develop or are born with.

There are, however, general guidelines that the medical community is in agreement on and it’s from these guidelines that tips for living a healthy life can be established.

  1. Healthy Diet: Eat a balanced diet including a variety of healthy foods and limit calories and saturated fats.
  2. Health Fitness: Be physically active
  3. Weight Loss: Maintain a healthy weight
  4. Healthy Sleep: All living beings require sleep and regular sleep patterns are considered essential to a healthy human existence.
  5. Checkups: See you doctor for regular visits (not just when you are sick) and keep your shots up to date.
  6. Blood Pressure: Control your blood pressure and cholesterol
  7. Manage Stress: Reduce stress in your life
  8. Healthy Skin: Protect yourself from too much sun - don’t sunbathe or use tanning booths.
  9. Stop Smoking: Smoking has no place in a healthy lifestyle.
  10. Substance Abuse: Alcohol and stimulants such as caffeine should only be consumed in moderation and narcotics should be avoided at all costs. If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs there are retreats and clinics to help you.
  11. Sexual Health: Practice safe sex
  12. Womens Health: For women - check your breasts and get regular Pap smears