International Medical Travel

The three major medical tourism destinations are Thailand, India and Singapore. These heavyweights are followed by the three less popular regions of Central America (lead by Costa Rica), Eastern Europe (led by Hungary) and South Africa.

The mushrooming of low cost and discount airlines across Asia, Latin America and the Middle East has also been a boon to medical tourism. Cheap airfares on low cost airlines are encouraging people to travel abroad for cheaper medicare. The list of countries catering to medical tourists is expanding every year due to burgeoning demand.

Market Leaders

India and Thailand are clearly the best choices in terms of price, capability and quality, while Central America and Eastern Europe should mostly be considered by those who need minor procedures or don't want a trans-Pacific flight and are generally willing to pay more for the convenience.

Medical Tourism Asia

The Asian countries have taken the forefront of medical tourism. The two most popular destinations are India and Thailand. India in particular, with it's low-cost treatments and many western trained doctors, is growing rapidly. However, both The Philippines and Singapore have government-backed medical tourism programs and are actively seeking overseas patients.

Medical Tourism Latin America

Latin American countries are also ramping up their efforts and offer hospital-and-tourism packages with Central America nations marketing "getaway" medical vacations combining plastic surgery, dentistry and other surgical procedures with tropical beach holidays.

Eastern Medical Tourism Europe

Finally there are the Eastern European countries, which offer the lowest medical prices in Europe.