Medical Tourism Procedures

We have compiled a large reference of medical procedures, grouped into several broad categories, to help you with your research. This is not meant to be an exhaustive listing, just a highlight of the more common medical procedures that are carried out around the world. These descriptions are meant to provide you with a general overview of each procedure and are not clinically detailed.

Some of these procedures, such as hip resurfacing, were actually pioneered in places like India to cater to Medical Tourists. The more involved and complicated procedures, like cancer treatment, are a focus of places like Singapore where first-world medical care is available at greatly reduced prices.

Cancer Treatment


ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat)

Eye Surgery (Opthamology)

Fertility Treatment

Gastrointestinal Procedures

Gender Realignment

General Surgery

Gynecology Specific

Obesity Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Scans & Health Checks

Spinal Procedures

Stem Cell Therapies

Transplant Surgery

Urology Procedures