Medical Tourism Mexico

Popular For: Cosmetic surgery, dental care, obesity surgery
Visa Requirements: A valid passport and return ticket are required. Tourist cards can be obtained at airports and border crossings, are valid for 180 days and are available to most nationalities.

For many years medical tourists have traveled to Mexico for treatment, and recent years have seen an even greater influx of patients from all parts of the world. Mexico’s physicians and dentists are well-qualified, with many having trained in the US. The country’s proximity to the US has lead to it become a top destination for Americans in search of quality, affordable medical, cosmetic and dental treatments.

Pros: In a number of Mexican cities, clinics and hospitals are very modern and feature state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Many facilities are staffed with English-speaking physicians and medical personnel that are US board certified. Patient rooms typically are quite large and many are private. Many medical tourists comment that their Mexican specialists and staff relate to them much more personally than health professionals in their own countries.

The cost of medical procedures in Mexico averages at 30 to 50 percent of US costs. There are excellent savings in dental procedures as well. Mexico’s well-trained dentists provide high-quality treatment at fees that run approximately one-half of what the same treatment would cost in the US. A root canal procedure combined with a porcelain crown, for example, costs approximately US$400 in Mexico.

Cons: Visitors are advised to exercise caution when traveling to Mexico, where indiscriminate terrorist attacks do occur. In Mexico City in particular muggings and robberies can be all too common. Tourists are advised to be watchful when visiting popular attractions and transportation centers and when on public transportation, as these are favorites with pick pockets. It’s also strongly advised that only authorized taxis should be used. Women travelers need to exercise extra caution as incidents of sexual assaults have been on the rise at some coastal resorts.

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical tourism to Mexico is growing increasingly popular each year, particularly among US patients. It is for this reason that cities in Mexico on the border with the US are among the most popular medical tourism destinations in the country. Tijuana, not far south of San Diego, for example, boasts some of the finest medical facilities anywhere in the Americas. Popular treatments include high-tech eye surgery and bariatric surgeries such as lap band surgery.

Mexico Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery in Mexico is particularly popular among US patients who have long been crossing the border for low cost plastic surgery. Tijuana in particular boasts several excellent clinics catering to medical tourists with breast procedures such as breast lifts and body and facial procedures such as vaginoplasty, tummy tucks and face lifts available.

Mexico Dental tourism

Dental treatments are widely available in Mexico and thousands of US citizens make the journey south of the border each year for the quality services that are offered at very favorable rates. Crowns, dentures and implants can all be sought here as well as cosmetic procedures such as laser teeth whitening. Popular clinics are located in cities such as Los Cabos, Tijuana and Baja Sur.

Mexico Alternative medicine

Specialists practicing alternative medicine can be hard to find in Mexico, but the country is becoming popular for its alternative cancer treatments where herbal remedies and diet supplements are used to combat the disease.

Mexico Health spas

Mexico boasts many resorts to choose from on the lower Baja peninsula, on the Pacific coast, and also along the Caribbean. A number of resorts are incorporating spas, which now commonly feature in medical tourism packages. An ideal package, which tour operators working in cooperation with medical tourism facilities are able to organize, can include a period of recovery at a secluded seaside resort. One popular Pacific coast resort uses seawater from the Pacific Ocean in its treatments.