Medical Tourism in The Middle East

As one of the worlds biggest flash-points, the Middle East may not be many peoples first choice for Medical Tourism. However several countries are pushing to be major players in the global medical tourism market.

Easily being one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the Middle East, The Kingdom of Jordan is also in the midst of a nationwide push to become a competitor in the medical tourism industry.

Israel has a number of leading medical institutions as well as a professional medical infrastructure, attracting patients from neighboring Middle Eastern countries. Many Middle Eastern patients prefer not to travel to the US or the UK for political reasons, making Israel a viable medical tourism destination for them.

Isreal also has one of the finest medical centers in the world for cancer treatments as well as heart and lung organ transplants. While the quality of care and medical expertise is up to international standards, the safety of some destinations is questionable due to political tensions. This makes choosing the location of the hospital where you will receive treatment very important.

  1. Israel Medical Tourism
  2. Jordan Medical Tourism