Obesity Surgery Abroad

The aim of obesity treatment is to help the patient achieve and maintain a healthier weight. Obesity, a condition when fatty tissue exceeds healthy limits, can predispose those affected to various life-threatening diseases.

Treatment of obesity, which most commonly includes increased exercise, dietary modifications and behavior changes, can bring about dramatic health improvements in the patient undergoing treatment.

Those seeking treatment for obesity may be advised to reduce their calorie intake, partake in brisk exercise and make lifestyle changes to help them loose weight. More drastic measures include weight-loss medication and surgery.

Physical activity is a key means of burning calories and obese patients seeking treatment may be advised to exercise three times a week. Advice in developing new eating habits to reduce calorie intake is given, with professionals commonly recommending an increase in the consumption of plant-based foods and a decrease in the consumption of sugar, carbohydrates and some types of fats.

Behavior modification as part of obesity treatment can include setting realistic goals and eating plans, avoiding food triggers and keeping a food and exercise record to help monitor weight-loss progress and reinforce good habits.

Serious cases of obesity may be treated with weight-loss medication or even surgery. One of the most common surgical means of treating obesity is gastric bypass surgery, in which the anatomy of the patient’s digestive system is changed so that the amount of food the patient can eat and digest is limited.

Results after surgery are dramatic with up to 80 percent of excess body weight being shed by most patients. Patients using weight-loss medication experience less dramatic weight loss but typically have trouble maintaining body weight once medication has been discontinued. Weight loss exercise, dietary modifications and behavior changes is considered the healthiest means of losing weight, but results can take weeks to months.

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