Medical Tourism Singapore

If the first consideration of a medical holiday isn’t a stringent budget, Singapore is about as good as it gets. While some countries draw patients in with their cut-rate fees, Singapore’s appeal lies in its world-class medical facilities, fluent English staff and familiar infrastructure to westerners. Medical, dental and alternative therapies are all available on the island, and the levels of quality are high no matter what you choose to have done.

Singapore is a state deserving of its reputation for cleanliness, order and its ultra-high standard of private medical care. While it is by no means as cheap as say, India or Thailand, medical staff here invariably speak a high standard of English and the healthcare infrastructure is easily comparable with that of western countries.

As standards of medical treatment go, Singapore is on a par with Thailand and India. Singapore’s ultra clean and structured environment contrasts sharply with the chaos and pollution of Bangkok or the abject poverty and underdevelopment of Chennai, making it a good choice for visitor’s who don’t adjust well to culture shock. For many, this gives Singapore the edge over its two biggest competitors despite the higher prices of treatment.

Since Singapore’s prices are still around half of what US clinics charge for the same procedures, it’s understandable that some 200,000 visitors flock here every year in search of medical, cosmetic and dental treatment. A reputation for state-of-the-art equipment and the finest surgeons, many of which are trained in the US, is also a major draw card for many would-be patients.

English is one of the country’s four official languages and the official language of business; this has significant appeal to those visitors with very specific needs.

Those visitors looking to make their trip both a medical tourist excursion and a regular vacation will find Singapore a fascinating country with modern amenities and entertainment, scenic beaches, great food and a rich and eclectic culture.

Pros: Singapore’s reputation for spotlessness extends to its medical facilities and standards of hygiene are as high as they can go on this small south Asian island. Though treatment in Singapore can be more expensive than in Thailand or India, the procedures themselves still cost little more than half of what they would in the United States.

It’s easy to see why Singapore is one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations in the world. The city itself is easy to get around and very clean. English is one of the country’s official languages and most Singaporeans are fluent. These advantages exist in the hospitals as well, which can be a comfort for people with specific problems or needs.

Cons: While prices of surgeries in Singapore are still significantly cheaper than in the west, they are more expensive than in other Asian countries with reputations as medical tourism destinations; prices in India and Thailand are comparably cheaper. Singapore’s location at the end of the Malay peninsula means it’s close to the equator, and temperatures can be high and the air in summer is quite humid. Temperature won’t be a factor in the air-conditioned clinic, but if a post-procedure holiday is planned, the climate may be unpleasant for some.

Medical Tourism in Singapore

Medical tourism is not a new concept in Singapore, and many companies in the west having arrangements with Singaporean clinics that can arrange treatments and travel between your home country and Singapore. Over 200,000 patients choose Singapore for their surgeries every year, and hospitals and clinics are used to receiving foreign patients. Popular medical procedures include hip and knee replacements and cardiac surgeries.

Singapore Cosmetic Surgery

There are several clinics and hospitals in Singapore offering cosmetic surgery. There are laser treatment clinics for hair removal and skin conditions as well as a specific clinic for breast surgery. The whole spectrum of popular cosmetic surgeries is available with rhinoplasty, liposuction and breast augmentation being among the most popular with medical tourists.

Singapore Dental Tourism

Singapore has many quality dental clinics that offer everything from check ups and teeth whitening to more complex surgeries such as dental implants. Dental treatment in Singapore is, however, more expensive than in Thailand or India, but still much cheaper than in the west at large.

Singapore Alternative Medicine

There is a sizeable Chinese population in Singapore and as such many alternative medicine clinics exist offering traditional Chinese medicine for all kinds of ailments. Herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments are popular with both locals and visitors alike. As there is a wide choice of clinics, you can shop around for the best price and the most suitable facility for your needs and tastes.

Singapore Health Spas

Like any large city, Singapore is awash with health clubs and spas where specific treatments are available on-the-spot. Alternatively, full day sessions can be booked in advance, while some wellness centers double up as hotels, allowing you to enjoy a spa holiday. Popular treatments include Thai, aromatherapy and hot stone massages as well as hydrotherapy.