Skin Refinishing (Dermabrasion) Surgery Abroad

Skin refinishing (dermabrasion) can be the answer for people who have rough skin that has resulted from acne scarring, injury or perhaps from wrinkling. The process actually helps to even out the surface of the skin through laser resurfacing and chemical peels.

Dermaplaning is similar to skin refinishing dermabrasion where either small areas of the skin, or indeed the entire face, can be treated. The surgeon scrapes away the top layers of skin using a special instrument which results in smoothing out rough areas of skin. In addition, dermabrasion can be used in conjunction with facelifts or chemical peels.

Procedure information

The procedure for skin refinishing (dermabrasion) involves the surgeon taking off the skin with a motorized instrument driving a burr which is clad with diamond particles. The surgeon will take off as much as is deemed safe to give the best results.

Skin refinishing (dermabrasion) is a fairly quick process and the exact time depends on the amount of skin needing treatment. Expect anywhere from five minutes for a patch of skin to 90 minutes for the entire face. Those with deep scarring may have to go back for several treatments to obtain the desired effect.

Recovery time

The skin goes quite red and swollen after skin refinishing (dermabrasion) treatment and the ensuing burning and tingling may make eating and talking difficult. Medications along with ointment prescribed by your surgeon will help with these unwanted sensations and the swelling should subside within a week.

Normal activities may be resumed after about a week or so and it is possible to be back at work within around two weeks. Be careful when partaking in sporting activities, particularly ball sports and boxing, and swim indoors if you are into swimming. Keeping your face out of the sun is the most important requirement for healing until your natural skin pigment has returned to normal. This can take as long as 12 months.