Medical Tourism in South Africa

South Africa’s tradition in medical innovation is world-renowned, as are its standards in providing world-class healthcare and expertise at reasonable costs. The country has been attracting foreign patients for numerous procedures in all health specialties and in particular for a variety of cosmetic and dental procedures.

The private and public healthcare systems, combined with the country’s medical schools, have worked together to produce internationally-recognized medical specialists. South Africa’s leading position in international medicine was well-established in 1967, when the first human heart transplant was performed in Cape Town.

Europeans, in particular from Germany, Italy, and the UK, have been visiting South Africa for years to undergo plastic surgery. They have been drawn to the country due to the highly-qualified surgeons available, the excellent private clinics and the reasonable prices.

Popular procedures include breast augmentation and reduction, face lifts, liposuction, and nose and ear corrections. Dental surgery and tooth implants, eye surgery and laser treatments, and fertility treatments are popular with foreign visitors as well.

The country boasts sunshine throughout the year, extraordinary scenery, and of course, a wide variety of wild animals in their native habitats. These attractions, combined with the lower costs for treatment are major enticements for thousands of travelers. Many healthcare providers and private clinics in South Africa have realized that their country’s natural wonders can have a positive impact on the recovery process for their patients and encourage both post-operative relaxation and exploration.