Tooth Countouring

Tooth contouring is used to alter the length, position or shape of teeth and is a very effective instant dental treatment available in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Those with chipped teeth, crooked teeth, overlapping teeth or cracked teeth can undergo tooth contouring to correct the problem in just one session.

The results from even a small amount of change can be staggering and tooth contouring can even be a substitute for braces for mild conditions. The dentist removes a small portion of the tooth and adds a bit of tooth-coloured laminate to obtain instant results.

Procedure information

Some cosmetic dentists use computer imaging to show patients how their teeth will look after treatment before going ahead. An anesthetic is generally not required for tooth contouring. X-rays will be taken to correctly evaluate the pulp of each tooth and the cosmetic dentist will then mark each tooth with a special pencil before contouring the surfaces.

A small sanding drill minimizes imperfections by removing small amounts of enamel while laminate is used to build up chips and fill gaps. The teeth are then smoothed and polished. The whole process can take between one to three visits depending on the amount to be treated.

Recovery time

As the cosmetic dentist only removes small amounts of enamel from your teeth the procedure is quick and generally painless. A local anesthetic can be requested but is generally not necessary and the recovery time will be faster without one. While there is no recovery time after tooth contouring, it is best not to chew food on the areas treated for at least 24 hours.